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Frequently Asked Question

What should i do if i think i have a virus?

The safest thing to do is shut down the computer then, either give us a call or bring it to us and we will check it out for you. It can only take a few minutes for a virus to cause any harm.

My computer is getting loud and/or hot

Generally, if this is happening then your computer is most likely blocked up with dust. It isn’t wise to try and fix this yourself as they can be very delicate internally.

My computer will no longer turn on

This is usually something you can fix yourself. Check the computer is plugged in and switched on at the mains. Try a different socket or a different fuse in the end of the plug. If the problem still persists, bring it in for us to take a look. Remember, we don’t charge for looking.

I get a 'no signal input' message, what do I do?

Check all cables are connected tightly and are plugged into the correct ports. Next, try unplugging the computer, plug it back in and power it on again. Still not working, give us a call.

My computer is running slow?

There are many reasons for this to occur. We offer a no fix, no fee service here and provide different solutions at various prices. Why not bring it in today and find out what can be done to speed it up again.

The internet on my computer isn't working

Check near the date and time in the corner of the screen for the internet symbol. Click on it and see what it says. Things like ‘no internet, secured’ or ‘no networks detected’ could mean there is a problem with your router. You could try unplugging the router from the mains, waiting 5 minutes, then plugging it back in, making sure it is switched on. It can take around 5 minutes for a router to turn back on completely. If the problem persists, simply contact us for a solution.

Can i transfer my files to a new computer?

Yes. We can copy all your documents, music, pictures etc. from your old computer to your new one.

Should i back up my files?

Yes. It is very important to back up any files you deem important. If your computer hard drive decides to fail one day, you could lose them all for good. If you back them up you can relax knowing you haven’t lost anything. We can show you how to back up and provide you with the tools you need to do so.

My computer has been doing updates for ages

Some updates can take minutes, others could take hours. If it has been doing updates for more than 3 hours then contact us for information on what to do next. It says ‘do not shutdown’ for a reason.

Do i really need antivirus?

If you use your computer to browse the internet then yes, I would strongly recommend having antivirus. We stock leading antivirus software and can install it for you while you wait.

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